As an only child growing up on the Colorado farm her family has owned since the 1850's, Tammy Bality shared a special connecton with animals: the horses, calves, dogs and cats were her friends.

Ever since she could hold a crayon, art has been Tammy's form of expression. Tammy now creates sculptures that capture the animals' live force and honor their spirits.

Tammy combines traditional influences with a variety of media and sculpture techniques to create innovative art that gives voice to nature's spirit. She sculpts from clay and either fires the clay or casts the piece in bronze or lead crystal glass, incorporating silver and stone as well. 

Tammy enjoys exploring the strengths of each medium - the freedom and spntaneity of ceramic, the strength and precision of bronze and the luminosity and intrigue of crystal. 


Smoke-fired hand-built Red Clay on Stone Base (available)

High Plains Horse
High Fired Stoneware and hand-built Clay with Jaser Mane (sold)

Spring Foal Crop
Bronze, 13" high Edition 15 (available)

Polo Pony
Hand-built horsehair-fired clay (available)

High Plains Horse
High-fired Stoneware, 12" tall (available)

Market Forces (bull and bear)
Bronze Bookends (available)