Meet Betsy Swartz

From Dairy Farm to Fine Art and Everything In-Between!

Betsy Swartz was raised on a dairy farm in a small town in south-central Pennsylvania in the 1960's and 70's. After High School, she attended Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA and graduated in 1985 with dual degrees in Business Administration and Music Performance. While Betsy loved the arts, she didn't feel she had the talent to launch a career in music, but preferred to assist others in their quest for fame. Thus, she chose the business route and began a career in financial services. Over the next 8 years, her career thrived in the financial services industry on the east coast where she worked in banking, insurance, and marketing for companies such as AIG and TransUnion Credit Information Systems.

In 1993, after seeing Robert Redford's film "A River Runs Through It", Betsy had a strong desire to visit Montana to see if it was as gorgeous as it was portrayed in the movie. She and some friends ventured west and much to her pleasure, discovered......"yes, it was absolutely that gorgeous". Thus ensued a move to Montana and a career change into the art business. Betsy would finally be able to marry her creative skills with her business acumen. Betsy landed a position as gallery director of a local gallery where she worked for 8 years. In September 2001, Betsy realized her dream of owning her own business and opened Betsy Swartz Fine Art Consulting, Inc. specializing in private placement of fine art. Betsy works with clients in their homes and offices, helping them build art collections of value. 

Betsy Swartz Fine Art Consulting, Inc.

Private Placement of Fine Art


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