Melissa's education followed a diffeent route than the long-established academic approach. A little over a decade ago she was introduced to a practice of personal development that radically altered her perspective of life, self and others. In those fleeting, deeply transformational moments, an experience of absolute truth and power was given. Empowered by these revelations, her life-long dream of painting was set in motion. With the assistance of a provate art coach, countless hours of painting and a process largely influenced by the abstract Expressionists, a style with integrity evolved.

"At the intersection of logic and intuition is a space of pure creativity where possibilities are limitless. These two, the intellect and intuition, inform and guide the art making, process resulting in strong, powerful paintings with an intruiging surface quality. " ~ MM


Bit By Bit
Acrylic; 39x34 (available)

Queen of Hearts
Acrylic/Pastel; 39x33 (available)

Acrylic/Pastel; 42x34 (available)

Acrylic/Pastel; 42x34 (available)

Acrylic; 20x20 (available)

Mixed Media; 30x36 (available)

Mixed Media; 30x36 (available)

"Eye Candy"
Acrylic, 36 x 30 (available)

"Temporary Moment"
Acrylic, 39 x 30 (available)