Loren presents a unique picture of the West. Whereas many Western artists focus on the more adventurous aspects of the historical West and modern ranch life, Loren paints the quieter, more domestic side of rural life. His paintings often depict the simple moments that make up the fabric of everyday life – mothers with their children, a father holding an infant at the end of a hard day’s work.

In October of 1992, Loren became a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. “I’m very proud of my association with the CAA. My desire is to steadily grow as an artist and become the best painter and sculptor that I can become.” His versatility with charcoal, pencil, pastel, oil, watercolor, and sculpture, and his dedication to quality have allowed him to be the honored guest artist at the 2006 CM Russell Auction of Original Western Art in Great Falls, Montana. He has been given numerous awards including five Silvers and three Golds from CAA. Loren most recently garnered the “Robert Lougheed Memorial Award” at the 2006 Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition.


Cowboy Heaven
Oil, 36 x 48 (sold)

The Gift Horse
Oil, 40 x 30 (sold)

The Midwife
Oil, 30 x 36 (sold)

Oil, (sold)

Oil, 15 x 24 (sold)

Sleepy Head
Bronze, Edition 15

Sacred Songs
Oil, 24 x 24 (sold)