Kira Fercho

Kira's work can also be seen at REALTY ONE GALLERY located at 1011 W Oak Street, Suite 111, Bozeman, Montana, 59715. 

Her pieces at this location can be seen here:


Biography: Kira has painted for as long as she can remember. It's always been a part of her life. She paints freely, allowing the paint and brush to translate to the canvas her love of the outdoors, the color, movement and mystery that nature provides.

Her hope is that the viewer gets a sense of peace and greater understanding of life through her work. She is intense, she is passionate, and she's a risk-taker. She enjoys creating work that pushes the viewer to the edge....allowing her/him to peer over into the depths of unknown territory. 

Kira recently completed her Master's in Mental Health and Rehabilitation. She hopes to combine her love of art with her degree to establish a private practice in art therapy. 

I've enjoyed introducing you to her work! Enjoy! 


Tribe; Oil; 24x48; $4,495; (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Drifter, Oil; 40x40, $5,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

End of Season; OIl; 48x48'; $6,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Honor Ride; Oil; 36x36; $4,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Chief; Oil; 60x12; $2,795 and Grazing; 60x10; $2,395 (ARt of the Cowgirl Show)

Cubes; $795 each (ARt of the Cowgirl Show)

Modern Moss; Oil; 43x60, $8,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Night Camp; Oil; 50x40; $6,995 (ARt of the Cowgirl Show)

Prairie Cowgirl; Oil; 14x24; $995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Smoke; OIl; 50x40; $6,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Solo Aspen; Oil; 60x6; $995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Squad; Oil; 40x40; $5,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Lake Warrior; Oil; 60x12; $2,795 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Sunshine; Oil; 72x12; $2,995 (Art of the Cowgirl Show)

Aspens & Poppies: Oil on Canvas; 60"x10"

Chief; Oil on Canvas; 42"x42"

Ghost Horse; Oil on Canvas; 60"x48"

Aspen Serenade; Oil on Canvas; 36"x45"

Solitude; Oil on Canvas; 60" x 12"

Warrior Spirit; Oil on Canvas; 12" x 72"

Winter Moment; Oil on Canvas; 40"x40"

Bozeman Ride; Oil; 40x40; $6,400

Solitary Man; Oil; 40x40; $6,400

Winter Feeding; Oil; 40x40; $6,400

The Gang; Oil; 40x40; $6,400

Big Sky Cowboys; Oil; 40x40; $6,400