“Philosophically my art explores the rich terrain between the built and the unbuilt environment, the pasteurized vs. the wild landscape, or the blurred line between what we create and the natural world. Egg Tempera painting, the mixing of raw pigment with egg yolk, imparts a certain transparency & richness of color that allows a nuance and range not often seen in oil or watercolor. I have been working in egg tempera for 15 years will continue to focus on its unique characteristics. My training as an architect and artist highlights the distillation of objects and buildings within an ever-changing landscape. Capturing the changing light and mystery of those tones is forever challenging."

Keith studied art at the Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff Canada in 1974. He then moved to Minnesota and received a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota, and later received his Masters in Architecture from Montana State University. Keith is the founder of KA Architecture in Bozeman, Montana, creating beautiful homes for clients around the country. Keith has a unique understanding of space and creation of place, which is evident in his work as an architect and painter.


Commanche Moon
Egg Tempera; 26x41

December Moon
Egg Tempera, 19 x 43

Dreaming in Morocco II
Egg Tempera, 22 x 30

On the Shores of Eden
Egg Tempera, 36 x 40

Momentary Lapse of Reason
Egg Tempera; 30x44

Distant Memory of Winter
Egg Tempera; 32x44

Between Heaven & Earth
Egg Tempera; 36x40

Los Angeles Dawn
Egg Tempera; 29x43

Robin's Nest
Egg Tempera; 25x40

Plain of Rubicon
Egg Tempera; 28x41

A Place Long Forgotten I
Egg Tempera; 26x40

A Place Long Forgotten II
Egg Tempera; 26x40

Morning Lilacs
Egg Tempera; 28x41

Hyatt Ranch
Egg Tempera; 26x41

Distance Study
Egg Tempera; 19x27

Ancient Hills
Egg Tempera; 27x40