Originally from rural central California, Kathy Wipfler has always loved art and started painting at a very young age. It was in 1979 that she really got serious about her career and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to pursue her childhood dream of making a living as a full –time artist. She was determined and passionate about the art scene and luck was on her side during her first summer in Wyoming. She quickly became immersed in the artist community and befriended Jackson Hole artist Greg McHuron who invited her to paint with him on location each week. It is here that she honed her skills and developed a following of collectors. Kathy's love of the western way of life comes through in her work. A real-life rancher herself (she can rope and ride with the best of them) her work captures the essence of life in the west. Her paintings are included in major collections in the US, including in the permanent collection at the Whitney Museum in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wy. Kathy continues to live and work (and ranch) in Jackson Hole, Wy. 


The Lights of Town
Oil, 36 x 48 (available)

June Moon
Oil, 20 x 24 $3,900 (available)

Sandstone Sculpture
Oil, 24 x 30 (available)

Gone Fishin'
Oil, 18 x 24 (available)

August River
Oil, 18 x 24 (available)

Oil; 40x30 (available)