Jennifer's unique sculpture looks at the old west through a fresh lens, with a twist. She starts with barbed wire that she meticulously collects from ranches throughout the great state of Montana. Then, she carefully assembles the pieces and creates a work of art. She aims to capture the tension of the opposites: a barbed-metal used to contain animals, re-worked and shown in a free-flowing form. Her work is unique, creative and stunning in its simplicity.


Valley Portrait #1
Collection of Custer County Arts and Heritage Center Miles City, MT

The Wild Bunch
Barbed Wire & Wood; 5-feet tall

Barbed wire & wood, 10-feet tall

The Pillar
Barbed wire & metal; 8-feet tall

Barbed wire & wood; 6-feet tall

Boots, Hat & a Bird
Barbed Wire Sculpture on customer table (available)

Boots, Hat & a Bird
detail shot

Heads or Tails
Barbed Wire Sculpture 56" tall x 34" wide

Barbed Wire Sculpture, 10' Tall

Heads or Tails
Barbed Wire Sculpture, 56" tall by 34" wide

Blackberries and Thistles
Barbed Wire Sculpture, 5' tall

Tippy Toes
Barbed Wire Sculpture, 6' tall