Gregory is an American Impressionist who shows in some of the finest galleries in the United States, has been featured in numerous one-man shows including museum shows, and has been featured in editorial articles of national publications including being on the cover of SouthwestArt magazine. Gregory along with his wonderful wife and two kids, lives in and is inspired by the beauty, great lifestyle, and excellent weather of Western Colorado.

"Perhaps the deepest root in my reasons for painting is joy. If I were a branch on that tree it would be my desire to create little blossoms of color that you can bring into your life and home, which daily enable you the opportunity to experience and be reminded to look for joy. Joy is unique among the good things in living. It is one of the differentiating qualities in life if you allow yourself to recognize it. Different from a state of being such as happiness, which often require real work or some prerequisite of your doing, joy is unpredictable and unburdened. Needing only your recognition joy is a gift offered up in the smallest and largest moments of our daily lives. Remarkably, joy can be experienced on our saddest, rainiest, darkest day if we are just willing to look for it. Like a sunburst, these moments are not meant to be permanent. As life itself, joy is fleeting. It is when a caterpillar first opens her wings, when the golden sun breaks through the stormy clouds or when the sheer power of the storm excites you to the core. It is when the leaves of autumn shimmer in the steep angle of afternoon light, when “nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold”; or, when you recognize something nature brings forth that reminds you of a recently passed love one as if it was that loved one him or herself embracing you. These are moments that are entirely gifted to us; and if we give ourselves permission to experience them, these are moments of joy. These are moments I attempt to cultivate in my paintings. I believe in the intrinsic value of this work. In large part I have dedicated my life to it, and it is my sincere hope that this work inspires you as nature herself does me." GP, July 2016



Cimarron Hayfield
Oil; 12x22

Cimarron Song
Oil; 8x12

Golden Hour
Oil; 8x10

Oil; 20x20 (sold)

Sunday Afternoon
Oil; 24x11

Wherefore Art Thou
Oil; 30x24