Dave Wachs

An avid outdoorsman and artist, Dave Wachs captures images of the landscape in acrylic from an angle that most people may never see in real life. That's what makes his work so special. The images stop you in your tracks as you innately understand that the artist lived the experience of this place...he actually stood in this spot. It helps the viewer to understand the artist by connecting through the work. One can feel the passion and love of outdoors that gets translated through the acrylic and onto the canvas. Dave's paintings make a statement on whatever space they occupy....some measuring 79" tall x 48" wide, and almost bringing the outdoors in. Dave is someone who lives life on the edge, constantly on the go either exploring the high country on skis, or experiencing the desert on his dirt bike. Enjoy Dave's paintings! 


Icicle Sun; Acrylic; 79"x48"

Lone Mountain Snow; Acrylic; 79"x48"
Raven's eye view of this classic coulior which holds snow sometimes into July.

Wind in the Bridgers; Acrylic; 79"x48"

Poulson Tamarack; Acrylic; 20"x30"

Skiable Aspen; Acrylic; 30"x20"