Amanda  grew up on the east coast, in Washington, DC. She attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, majoring in architecture. She later attended the New York Studio School in New York City where she was awarded the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation Scholarship. After completing a residency at the Vermont Studio School, she received her masters from Utah State University, known for it's internationally recognized ceramics program and was awarded the Larry Elsner Sculpture Scholarship. 

Amanda has taught art classes at Utah State, Des Moines Area Community College, University of Michigan, Concordia University, and University of Toledo.

"'I've found that whether I'm working in painting or sculpture, I am oriented toward the process. My goal is to achieve a sense of discovery evident in the finished product, in the work itself".~ AW


Oil; 18x24 (available)

Cow with Green
Oil, 18 x 24 (sold)

Horse on Red
Oil, 12 x 14 (sold)

Grazing Horse on Tan
Oil, 12 x 14 (sold)

Thinking Horse on Pink
Oil, 12 x 14 (sold)

Woman With Feather
Oil, 48 x 36 (sold)