Tom Dean

Tom's one-of-a-kind, truly exquisite works are simply breathtaking. The first time I saw Tom's work it was in a print ad, and I was thoroughly impressed. When I finally saw a piece in person I was speachless.

Tom brings wood to life in creative sculptures that are a culmination of his love of the outdoors, his history on the rivers and in the backcountry of Montana, and the stories he heard from his grandfather as a child.

Occasionally, Tom will cast one of his pieces in bronze, as he did with the skull shown above. The original carving of the skull is the last picture to the right. Again, breathtaking! I love working with Tom and offering his works to my clientele.

"What's really so very important about Tom's work is that his pieces are one-of-a-kind - no two are remotely alike. Adding to that his ability to bring feeling, life and emotion to the wood makes Tom' work distinctly exceptional." Darrell Beauchamp, Executive Director CMR Museum, Great Falls, Montana

"Milo Creek is symbolic of and was inspired by my grandfather, Milo F. Dean, the true epitome of the "gentleman's gentleman." He was a great man of true integrity, the "fisherman's fisherman." Milo loved and admired everything about life and the outdoors, enbracing both with unlimited passion. As  young boy, I remember him sharing countless stories of his fishing and hunting trips, keeping me on the edge of my seat, never wanting the stories to end. He inspired me, guided me, and planted in my life a shared passion for the outdoors. Now I am passing that on to my children. My grandfather lives on in Milo Creek Carvings." 

~ Tom Dean


Big Medicine
Turquoise Bronze Bison Skull (available)

Big Medicine
Turquoise Bronze Bison Skull, close-up

Big Medicine Bison Skull
Original Carving (sold)

The Hunt
Canarywood, Cocobolo wood, Manzanita, Rosewood, Paduk wood (sold)

The Firehole
Cocobolo, Montana Juniper, Rocks from the Firehole River, 25" x 22" x 11" (available)

Swimming in the Shallows
Cocobolo, Manzanita, Jatoba, 18" tall (available)

Yellowstone CutThroad
Bronze; 12" (available)