Originally from rural central California, Kathy Wipfler moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1979 to pursue her childhood dream of making a living as a full –time artist.

Luck was on her side and during her first summer in Wyoming she was able to paint on location once a week with artist Greg McHuron, a long-time Jackson Hole resident and full-time artist. Her other mentors include Hollis Williford, Skip Whitcomb and Ned Jacob. She was also lucky enough to have occasional help from Conrad Schwiering and John Clymer, both Jackson Hole residents and grand gracious men.


Sandstone Sculpture
Oil, 24 x 30 (available)

The Lights of Town
Oil, 36 x 48 (available)

June Moon
Oil, 20 x 24 $3,900 (available)

Gone Fishin'
Oil, 18 x 24 (available)

August River
Oil, 18 x 24 (available)

Oil; 40x30 (available)